We all have a story...

Author, Laurie Goyen's new release, "River Through my Heart: A Memoir" is purposefully written from the heart about her life: the good, the bad, the happy and sad.  We all go through stuff. It is our faith, how we grow from these experiences and sharing what we've learned with others that gives true meaning to our lives.

Whether it's dealing with worry/anxiety, coping with tragedy or facing the serious illness of a child; women and men alike will relate to the struggles that are faced and shared with heartwarming honesty.


"A child’s illness becomes the focal point for a riveting true-life drama". - KIRKUS REVIEWS



Step Up, Step Out, Step In to Your Purpose/s - Event - April 2014

Interview on The Broadcast - Part 1

Part 2



"Looking back in time, I couldn't help feeling that I had been naive all of the days I assumed that my boys would wake up healthy in the morning and go to bed the same at night.  Now life was hitting me square in the gut, revealing to me how fragile it all truly is."